Utah Hachicon


About us

HachiCon is a non-profit Utah-based anime convention that celebrates both fandom and Japanese culture. We aim to provide education, entertainment, and a sense of community for all of our attendees, and to create an inclusive and welcoming space for all walks of nerd life.

HachiCon is run by our parent company, Salt Lake Anime Events (SLAE), a 501(c)(3) non-profit based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Salt Lake Anime Events aims to educate the community of fandom and ethnic cultures through art and interactive learning (Cultural education through Fandom and the arts!) As a fully volunteer-run event, we work together to bring our attendees and guests the best possible convention experience we can.

Do you have some ideas for things you’d like to see happen here at HachiCon? Would you like to join a community of people who love fandom and conventions just as much as you do? Or do you just want to branch out and try something new? Consider volunteering at HachiCon! We are completely volunteer-operated, and we’d love to have you on board with us!


About the name

The name “HachiCon” had two inspirations: the story of the loyal dog Hachiko, and the Japanese word for bee, hachi, to represent our very own beehive state of Utah. We wanted a name that combined our conventions’ roots in both Japanese culture and in our own local Utah community, and HachiCon combines the best of both worlds!